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"If we can all take small steps to make the world a better place - why shouldn't we go out of our way to do it?"

Beauty Bubbles

Boost your beauty routine with Q10, Biotin, C- Vitamin, E- Vitamin, Zink and Selen

- berry flavour -

Fit Bubbles

Boost your fitness routine with L-Carnitin, D-Vitamin, Green Tea and Chromium

- Citrus flavour -

Power Bubbles

Boost your workout or morning routine with caffeine, electrolytes and B Vitamins

- Lemon flavour -

Perform Bubbles

Boost your everyday routine with B-Vitamin complex, C-Vitamin, Zink and Magnesium

- Orange flavour -

New to wellexir?

We suggest you start out with a combo package, containing one of each!
This way you can try out all our Bubbles and find your own favorites. 

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Wellexir Forest

You place an order - we plant a tree!

Trees planted so far: 1259
CO2 compensated so far: 50.470 kg

Who is behind Wellexir?

A Danish team of extremely passionate people!

We are on a mission!

We want to inspire and be a positive addition to the people of the world.