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"If we can all take small steps to make the world a better place - why shouldn't we go out of our way to do it?"

Beauty Bubbles

Boost your beauty routine with Q10, Biotin, C- Vitamin, E- Vitamin, Zink and Selen

- berry flavour -

Fit Bubbles

Boost your fitness routine with L-Carnitin, D-Vitamin, Green Tea and Chromium

- Citrus flavour -

Power Bubbles

Boost your workout or morning routine with caffeine, electrolytes and B Vitamins

- Lemon flavour -

Perform Bubbles

Boost your everyday routine with B-Vitamin complex, C-Vitamin, Zink and Magnesium

- Orange flavour -

New to wellexir?

 We suggest you start out with a combo package, containing one of each!
Just add one of each Bubbles to your bundle and the discount will be added automatically!
This way you can try out all our Bubbles and find your own favorites. 

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Wellexir Forest

You place an order - we plant a tree!

Trees planted so far: 1259
CO2 compensated so far: 50.470 kg

Who is behind Wellexir?

A Danish team of extremely passionate people!

We are on a mission!

We want to inspire and be a positive addition to the people of the world.