Collagen Creamer Unflavored

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Brings your hot drink to the next level. Dairy free coffee creamer with 2500 mg. collagen peptides pr. serving.

Love it. Live it.
Love it. Live it.
Love it. Live it.
Love it. Live it.

3 key benefits of collagen

1. Help replace what’s naturally lost through aging
2. Great source of protein
3. Help to smooth out wrinkles and improve elasticity in the skin
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Superior flavor

Gives a milk-like smooth flavor to your coffee and tea

Dairy Free

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Dairy free milk alternative on the go

Never settle for black coffee on the go

Bring your own beauty-boost for your favorite hot drink

Perfect for the office, your bag or while travelling

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No added sugars

No added sweeteners

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2500 mg. collagen pr. serving

Get 50% of your daily collagen intake in just one cup of coffee/tea

Only 22 kcal pr. Serving

2,3 g. of protein

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Can i take too much collagen?
There are no official recommandations on how much Collagen you can intake per day. Collagen is a great source of protein supplement, we recommend that you don't use more than 15 g. pr. day, but our Premium Collagen does not contain any added vitamins and minerals and will be part of your overal protein intake.

Can i use caollagen supplement during pregnancy?
Yes, Collagen supplement is completely safe to intake during pregnancy. If in doubt please consult your doctor.


Ingredients: Hydrolyzed bovine collagenpeptides, Vana Blanca Creamer (coconut)

2500 mg. Collagen

2500 mg. Vana Blanca Creamer

ENERGY 1880kJ / 445 kcal 94 kJ / 22,25 kcal 1,12%
FAT 15,45 g 0,77 g 1,10%
SATURATED FAT 15,30 g 0,76 g 0%
CARBOHYDRATE 30,70 g 1,54 g 0,59%
OF WHICH SUGARS 5,20 g 0,26 g 0,29%
PROTEIN 46,05 g 2,30g 4,61%
SALT 0,28 g 0,01 0,23%