Beauty Collagen Bubbles - WELLEXIR
Beauty Collagen Bubbles - WELLEXIR

Beauty Collagen Bubbles

You asked for it - we made it!
Beauty Collagen Bubbles is a complete beauty drink with collagen, biotine and Q10!

From the age of 25 your body already starts to produce less collagen, which causes an increase in wrinkles and a reduction in firmness.

Boost your tap water with Wellexir Beauty Collagen Bubbles and enjoy a delicious soft drink with a refreshing taste of blueberry - without added sugar - and get the benefits of the vitamins and minerals that allows your hair, skin and nails to look their best. Wellexir Beauty Bubbles contains Q10, biotin and collagen.

Contains 20 tablets.
99.00 kr

Drop a tab in ice cold water and enjoy a refreshing bubbling sugar free soft drink with natural blueberry flavor – Enjoy the benefits of marine collagen and all the good stuff for you skin, hair and nails.


Contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and skin


Helps increase skin elasticity, smoothes the skin, gives fewer wrinkles and less cellulite

 Mængde/Mängd  %RI
Collagen  300 mg  
Chondroitinsulfat   100 mg 
Biotin 100 mcg  200
Coenzym Q10 1 mg