About Us & CSR

February 11 2024 – Casper Breum

Who is behind Wellexir?

Wellexir is a Danish founded company established in 2018. We produce and market natural effervescent tablets with vitamins and minerals for your active lifestyle on the go.

We are a team of passionate people aiming to provide good and tasty ways to supplement your daily routines with the vitamins and minerals you need - in a way that doesn't harm animals or the environment in the process!

We have already put together the first line of products, with four different formulations to suit four different needs - and we are very happy and proud to present the Wellexir Bubbles line!

Find your perfect fit in the shop and read more about our unique formulations on the individual product pages.

We encourage the use of Wellexir Bubbles to boost your tap water and reduce the use of plastic bottles.

We look forward to becoming a part of your active lifestyle!

- The entire Wellexir Team

Our story

Since she was a young girl becoming a teenager and her hormones started showing their first tiny signs, she showed interest in the world of beauty. How did the food she ate affect her balance, her skin and her wellbeing over all? 

Her interest grew bigger over the years and a birthday present in 1999 completely changed how her perception of how nature and its power truly affects our wellbeing.

A book about inner and outer beauty (by Jane Champsie) put everything in perspective and the many following years this became her little beauty bible. Whenever her skin got stressed, her inner vitality needed a boost or she simply just need a kick of energy, she would turn to the knowledge of vitamins, minerals and her diet in general.

She always dreamt of making a collection of vitamins that she felt contributed to a healthier skin, more energy when stressed and an overall vitality boost to her daily life. Something she could easily share with friends and family around the world in a way where you don't have to buy 10 different jaws of essentials to get what you need.

A true traveler who knows what convenience means when she's on the road, living the dream she always cared for.

We want to inspire and be a positive addition to the people of the world.

By taking a stand focusing on how we can build a brand from scratch, that not only thinks about growth in our business, but growth on the sustainable matters as well.

We are building a healthy company that can inspire others to do the same and keep evolving in an environmental way. That way we will help turn old production and manufacturing ways into a more sustainable way of producing anything for the consumers out there.

We want to build a brand that is focused on how to live a healthy lifestyle, mentally, physically and spiritually. This is our DNA and we want to contribute in as many ways as possible.

Our goal is to commercialize the holistic way of thinking and inspire the general mass to think a little greener. It's better for our health, better for the world, better for the general economics, when we start thinking about each other and our planet.


All our products are packed and sent in recycled cardboard and for all orders sent we plant a tree in Wellexir Forest that compensates 40 kg of CO2, which brings our total climate impact to a positive.

See how far we are here: https://tree-nation.com/profile/wellexir

Thank you for taking part in our journey,
Love Team Wellexir